Razer Orbweaver vs Tartarus V2

Razer Orbweaver vs Tartarus V2 (2023): Side by Side Comparison!

The Razer Orbweaver and Tartarus v2 are both smart and advanced featured gaming keypads. Both of the keypads have super control ability and programmable keys and RGB customizable color outlook and many other similarities. You can use both of them. There are also some differences between them. Let’s check the comparisons.

https://geni.us/BojWbJRazer OrbweaverRazer Tartarus V2
Programmable keys
30 keys32 keys
Key and Button type
Mechanical keysMecha-Membrane Keys
Scroll Wheel
Thumb pads
Hat ButtonJoystick Cap
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Though both of the keypads are perfect for gaming and their comparisons are not that much. Both The Razer Orbweaver and Tartarus v2  will provide you comfortable gaming experience and control.  You just need to choose the best possible keypad that matches with your requirements.  Enjoy gaming with your friends and family in leisure.

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