Razer Orbweaver Review

Razer Orbweaver Review (2023): Stylish Keypad for Gamers!

Quick response and super control always add an advantage in gaming.  If you want to control with shortcut keys and destroy your enemies just clicking one key, you must buy a gaming keypad. You can play action, hunting, and shooting games easily by using gaming keypads. But all the keypads are not perfect for all sorts of activities. You need to check the reviews before buying the gaming keypads.  There are many gaming keypads that can be found in markets. Razer Orbweaver is one of the best and common gaming keypad among gamers.  Let’s check Razer Orbweaver’s review of its features, specifications, pros, cons, and consumer feedback.

Features and Specifications

The Razer Orbweaver has some unique features and specifications. Before checking its specifications, you need to set your own requirements. The requirements must be based on what is your preferences from the keypad. After finishing checking the features you must recheck Razer Orbweaver reviews of the customers. 

Keyboard Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches
Keyboard Connectivity: Wired / Wireless
Connector Type: USB(Wired) / 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency(Wireless)
Number of keys: 30 programmable keys
Mechanical Switch: 50 G actuation force 
Customizable lighting: 16.8 Millions colors
System Support: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista /  XP (32-bit) / Mac OS 
Color: Classic Black
Keyboard Weight: 0.66 pounds
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Design Quality

The Razer Orbweaver is ergonomically designed. It has an 8-way Adjustable Thumb pad for Optimized Motion Controls. Moreover, it also has 30 programmable keys and instantaneous 8 keymaps. The keyboard offers three variants of the mechanical switch, portable media functions, and supreme game convenience for hours on.  If you are a console-oriented player, you must enjoy gaming with Razer Orbweaver keypad.

Customizable Lighting

The Razer Orbweaver will seem attractive to you because of its realistic, adjustable chroma RGB illumination that contains 16.8 million colors. The keypad has a classic black color outlook. The color and RGB illumination combination will offer you magnificent lighting in your room. 


The Razer Orbweaver is the most selling keypad because of its stunning performance. It’s 30 fully programmable keys, 8-way thumb pad, and   50G actuation force on mechanical switches will offer you natural control and satisfying clicky experience. At the same time, its optical sensor will help you to get proper accuracy and speed in gaming. So that you can dominate the battlefield. 

Ergonomic design Problems in controlling with tiny fingers
Customization of lighting and attractive outlookUnwanted functions occurrence
Shortcut keys for proper controllingSoftware issue after installation
Directional thumb pads
Instantaneous switching maps
Supports advance OS 

After checking Razer Orbweaver’s reviews, you may think again to buy this keypad for gaming. Though it may have some technical issues those will not have any impact on your gaming. You must check the user manual and warranty service of Razer Orbweave too.   Install your system to get an ultra-portable environment with a full Razer kit. Lastly, I am wishing for you the best gaming experience.

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