12 Open World Games for Android [Update 2023]

Nowadays, Google Play Store is filled with numerous games. With the advancements of android mobiles, it enhances huge opportunities for gamers to play amazing games. Game developers are also launching different types of open-world games. I am going to brief you about the open-world game for android. If you are looking for or thinking to play open-world games in your android, you can check it.

List of Open World Games for Android

1. Crime Wars Island

Publisher: Extereme Games
Release Date: 2017

Crime Wars Island is an open world of android featuring action gameplay and Well-configured character controls. This game is about mafia wars, street gang fights, Dirty cops, drug dealers, and car fights. Weapons and classic style cars are also available for you in Crime Wars Island. Every mission contains a masterpiece storyline. 

2. City Gangster

Publisher: Zuuks Games
Release Date: 2016

City Gangster is the best open world game for android because of its realistic gangster story. In this game, you can use advanced weapons, drive cars using the city maps. City Gangster is a game full of thrilling car racing and gun fighting with the gangsters. Its Amazing 3D graphics and various camera settings of inner, out and front camera make it more realistic and organized than any other games. 

3. Mad City Crime Stories

Publisher: Extereme Games
Release Date: 2019

Mad City Crime Stories is a renowned open world game for android. It is a third-person control game featuring classic cars, vehicles, open-world environments,  weather effects, extraordinary and difficult missions. The motorbikes, vehicle clashes, and the fights increase the fun in this game. Every mission has difficult and individual storylines. You can not resist yourself from the addictive gameplay.  

4. Clash of Crime Mad City War

Publisher: CactusGamesCompany
Release Date: 2019

Clash of Crime Mad City War is the most exciting open world game for android that features a variety of storylines and you can pass countless hours of gameplay. The game includes different characters, vehicles, stunning graphics, and customized traffic frequency. Clash of Crime Mad City War determines the dark, intriguing, and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips. Deceive police, fighting and surviving against mafias, defeat enemies and promote your authority on the mafia. 

5. Oceanhorn 

Publisher: FDG Entertainment, GmbH & Co.KG
Release Date: 2019

Oceanhorn is the best offline open world game for android. In this game, you have to play as a real hero having various missions to complete. You have to go through lots of adventures and mysteries. Moreover, the breathtaking battles, puzzle, and secret solving must make you addicted to its gameplay. Use your skills and magic, fight against monsters, and discover treasures. So, why are you waiting to solve the mysteries of the  Oceanhorn?

6. Six-Guns

Publisher: Gameloft SE
Release Date: 2020

Six-Guns is a third-person shooter adventure game. In this game, you have to explore a region full of dire events, dark mystery, and daring challenges. You need to take challenges against the enemies, defeat them, solve the mystery. Throughout the game, you have to ride 8 horses, 19 weapons and ammo to be unlocked, and you can select the clothes to customize characters. Six-Guns will offer you forty thrilling missions to play. You will not feel bored while playing. 

7. Flying Girl Rope Hero Spider Swing Game

Publisher: Extrude Gaming Studio
Release Date: 2020

Flying Girl Rope Hero Spider Swing Game is one of the challenging open world games for android. This game is all about a variety of cars, guns, quests, and skills of a girl. You have to play the role of a girl and destroy the gangsters with your skill. Your goal is to bring down all the forces of opponents and find out all the secrets of evil deeds. The thrilling fight against zombies, aliens, and robbers will offer you to unlock the fits and mystery boxes. Take the mission of defeating the new mafia and take authority from the opponents. 

8. Second Galaxy

Publisher: ZlongGames
Release Date: 2020

The Second Galaxy is one of the well-known open world game for android. It is the combination of RPG and SLG elements. In this game, you can engage in battles by teaming up with friends and destroy your opponents using your accuracy and skills. Second Galaxy game allows you to Explore an Astronomical Universe of Unique Galaxies, Discover a World of Extreme Sci-Fi Technology and Build Your Empire via Real-Time Dynamic Trading. If you start to play the Second Galaxy game, you will wait for the mysteries which are waiting for you. 

9. Dawn of Isles

Publisher: NetEase Games
Release Date: 2020

Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer roleplaying game full of combat against your rivals and foes on an island. In this game, you have to build an island, construct tools like axe and pickaxe, develop workshops, pits, and piers, produce and sell products, and gather resources. You can roam around the island with your pets. Moreover, you have to fight against the foes in Dawn of Isles. Choose the weapons for the war, defeat the monsters, and claim rewards. 

10. Grand City Thug Crime Gangster

Publisher: Grand Game Valley
Release Date: 2020

Grand City Thug Crime Gangster is a crime theft mafia game. The gameplay is built in a gangster city filled with real action thrills. In this game, you need to show your both driving and shooting skills as there are huge numbers of enemies and you need to do car fights against them. Your aim is to eliminate the mafia from the city. Grand City Thug Crime Gangster allows you to take the challenges, rescue the innocent citizens, and destroy the gangster. This game includes four gameplay modes and ten levels of challenges. You can select three real heroes. 

11. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Publisher: Klei Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: 2020

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is an android open world game containing survival and uncompromising wilderness storyline. In this game, you have to play as a scientist, where you are trapped in a mysterious world. You will face strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Use your skills, defeat enemies, and solve the mysteries of the strange land. Then you can escape from the mysterious land of wilderness. 

12. GTA: San Andreas

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date: 2019

GTA: San Andreas is the most famous open world video game. It is the game of gang trouble, drugs, and corruption and you need to destroy the opponents using your skills. The game is easily controllable with three different control schemes and customizable controls. You can use MoGa Wireless Game Controllers in both Bluetooth and USB gamepads. The storyline is long and engaging. You can not resist yourself from the addictive gameplay if you already played it before. 

As you already know about the best open world game for android, it will be easy for you to select which one you preferred. Check game ratings, reviews, and streaming videos for understanding the gameplay. So, enjoy the thrill of gaming with your android.

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