8 Best L Shaped Gaming Desk Reviews [Update 2023]

The L-shaped desks are mostly used for enhancing more space for storage and mobility. If you are facing a problem regarding the storage of your PC in your room, an L-shaped gaming desk can solve your problem by fitting all your computer essentials like a double monitor setup with ample space and books, and more. I am here briefing about the best L shaped gaming desk. If you are looking for the best desks for gaming based on features, prices, you can check it for better understanding. 

Before buying the desk, you need to check both its features and buying guides. Buying guidelines will help you to find out the best budget gaming desk that can meet your demands. 

  1. You must check the construction materials of the desk.
  2. The L shaped desk must have a CPU stand, keyboard tray, or mouse room for fitting the peripherals perfectly.
  3. For a clean atmosphere and reducing cable problem, you must look for a cable manager.
  4.  The desk could be designed with a classic look, so your home or office will look nice and beautiful.
  5. You must check the user manuals and customer reviews of the L shaped desk.

List of Best L Shaped Gaming Desks

1. Walker Edison Furniture Company

Desk Dimension: 20 x 51 x 29 inches
Desk Materials: Durable Steel with a Powder-coated finish and Safety Glass
Key Features: Universal CPU stand, Multiple monitors accommodation
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Walker Edison Furniture Company Black is the best L shaped gaming desk for gamers. This desk has a huge space for keeping multiple monitors, keyboards, and mice. You do not need to worry about setting your CPU because the Walker Edison desk has a universal CPU stand. Another important feature of this desk is it joints two desks for creating more gaming space. So, you do not need to worry about the space for gaming. 

2. Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk 

Desk Dimension: 24 x 60 x 37 inches
Desk Materials: Black gloss powder coat frame and Glass
Key Features: Keyboard tray with additional mouse room
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

If you are looking for an elegant metal frame With reinforced plates on welding joints for durability, Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk will be the best L shaped gaming desk for your workstation. This desk is perfect for corner placement in your home or in the office. The surface of the Z-Line Belaire Desk is clear tempered glass. Moreover, there are some features such as you can pull out a keyboard tray, raised monitor shelf for comfortable viewing which are efficient for using the desk. 

3. GreenForest Gaming Desk

Desk Dimension: 58.1 x 44.3 x 29.13 inches
Desk Materials: Eco-friendly P2 particle board and Metal leg
Key Features: Sturdy structure and Convenient space
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

GreenForest Gaming Desk is a contemporary desk that offers a sleek modern design crafted with durable steel. The desk is built with Eco-friendly P2 particleboard that is moisture-proof and scratch-resistant. GreenForest Gaming Desk is divided into 3 pieces. So, you can take full advantage of space and save space nicely into a room without taking up a ton of space. The desk is sturdy designed, very stable, and secured. Another important feature is the legs of the desk are adjustable and you can set all the essential peripherals on the desk surface. If you want to experience a perfect gaming experience with all your peripherals, GreenForest Gaming Desk will be the best L shaped gaming desk. 

4. Coleshome Computer Desk

Desk Dimension: 60 x 29 x 45 inches
Desk Materials: E1 Particle Board, Sturdy Metal Frames
Key Features: Adjustable legs and Waterproof surface
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Coleshome Computer Desk is the best  L shaped gaming desk for professional gamers. The desk has a contemporary look and clean, minimalist design with an open-air style. It is built with high-quality material and modern design. The thick metal frames & extra metal brackets make the desk stable and elegant. You also clean the desk easily as well as it is waterproof. Coleshome Computer Desk has a large space for setting up the computer desk and plenty of space for legroom. You can use it in your office also. If you like this desk, you can buy it for yourself and also give it to your friends or relatives on occasions. 

5. Walker Edison Furniture Company Silver Desk

Desk Dimension: 20 x 51 x 29 inches
Desk Materials: Durable Steel with a Powder-coated finish and Safety Glass
Key Features: Multiple monitor accommodation and CPU stand
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Walker Edison Furniture Company Silver Desk is another L-shaped desk for gamers. The dimension of the desk is 29″ H x 51″ L x 20″ W and there is a huge space for setting up your PC. so you can set multiple numbers of monitors on the desk. Walker Edison Silver desk is made of good materials such as the surface is of glass, legs are durable steel with powder-coated finish. You can set your CPU in the additional CPU stand of the desk. The design of the desk is eye-catching and perfect for your workstation as well as for gaming. If you need more space, you can join two desks which will create space for more works. 

6. Best Choice L-Shape Desk

Desk Dimension: 59 x 55 x 29.5 inches
Desk Materials: Sleek MDF wood tabletop and Sturdy steel frame
Key Features: Keyboard Drawer, PC Stand, Storage Space
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Best Choice L-Shape Desk is one of the best gaming desks. It has a keyboard drawer and PC stand. These will help you to fit all the essential devices, keyboards, mouse, and multiple monitors on the desk surface.  Best Choice desk also classy sturdy, elegant, and durable design. Therefore, your desk will be more adjustable and the legs can stand properly on uneven floors or carpets. This desk can support up to 66lbs. 


Desk Dimension: 61.9 x 44 x 30.1 inches
Desk Materials: Carbon fiber textured desktop, MDF, Plastic, and Steel 
Key Features: Splicing Panel, Cable Management Tray
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

EUREKA L60 Gaming Desk is one of the best  L shaped gaming desks. You will have a large gaming surface for keeping your gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, and other gaming gear. Also, you can keep your desk clean with an integrated power strip storage box and two cable grommets, so the mess of cords will be under control. EUREKA L60 has a high-standard modular panel of 60″  that has advantages of high stability and load-bearing in transportation and use. The desk is strong enough so that it can hold up to 80Kg. 

8. DESIGNA L-Shaped Computer Desk 

Desk Dimension: 47.24 x 26.97 x 6.89 inches
Desk Materials: P2 particle board, Metal legs 
Key Features: Adjustable legs, Waterproof board, Cable manager
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

DESIGNA Computer Desk is one of the best gaming desks for gamers. It has a large workspace and manages 2-3 monitors, screens, printers, plants, etc. the desk is durable and sturdy designed because it is made of P2 particle board and metals.  So, the desk will look modern, attractive, and adjustable even on the uneven floor or carpet. DESIGNA Computer Desk is space-saving, 2 cable managers, and 30-inch-high large legroom that provides huge space to stretch your legs freely and store a file cabinet. You can keep the desk clean because of cable managers and mouse pad. 

The L-shaped gaming desk brings excitement in gaming. But it also brings a clean atmosphere in the workstation. You need not worry about the mess of wires, cables, and peripherals because you can fit all the devices perfectly. These best L shaped gaming desk will provide you long durable service. So, don’t be late to buy one of these L shaped gaming desks for your home or workstation. 

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