Best Golf Games for PS4

9 Best Golf Games for PS4 [Update 2023]

This is always enjoyable gaming in PS4. PS4 is the best video gaming console for home gamers. If you are a gamer, you can enjoy all types of games perfectly, sitting at home using PS4. Like this, playing golf games are more fun using PS4 also. Everyone knows golf is a popular game. You will find any types of golf games such as Stroke play, Fourball, Foursome, Strokeplaay, etc in the PS4 golf games. Though all of the golf games are not equally enjoyable. To help you select the best PS4 golf games, I am going to brief here about some of the amazing golf games for your PS4. 

List of Best Golf Games for PS4

1. The Golf Club 2

Developer: HB Studios
Publisher: Maximum Games
Play Now: Download from Amazon

The Golf Club 2 is a tactical game in single-player career mode. It offers countless hours of competitive golfing with online competitors and cutting edge swing mechanics in immersive environments. Considering your requirements, game developers make the game environment more realistic than any other game. In the game, you will also find some golf courses. The designers provide smart visualization and animation which will make you play this game again and again. The accuracy and effects are also mindblowing. You can use the joystick to control the golf stick and aiming. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. You will have a training mode there for practicing. Its platform is Microsoft Windows. The game released in 2017. 

2. Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour 

Developer: EA Tiburon
Publisher: ES Sports, Electronic Arts
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The Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour is one of the professional golf games. Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour brings a level of sophistication to the PS4 golf genre you won’t find elsewhere. Players get to play on real-life courses such as Bay Hill and Royal Troon when playing as professional golfers. One of its best characteristics is that it really gives the golf experience. So you can play this game offline and online with your friends, and you won’t miss out on the challenges. A few mini-games are also present in this title. Its graphical representation and sound effects are extraordinary. Its common platforms are Xbox One and PS4. This game was released in 2015. 

3. Everybody’s Golf

Developers: Clap Hanz, SIE Japan Studio, Camelot Software Planning, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Clapping Hands
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Play Now: Download from Amazon

Everybody’s Golf is one of the common PS4 golf games and a renowned game of sports genre. The developers of this game focus less on realistic graphical design rather than more on the fun.  If you want to be a food golf player it will be very helpful. A good feature of this game is you can customize the player and game products using your coins. The developers of the game divide this game into different stages and add some options. In the beginning, it will seem very easy to you. After playing some matches, the difficult stages will begin. This is a good gameplay feature. Its platforms are Playstation portable and Playstation Vita. Its recent releasing date is 2017. 

4. Dangerous Golf

Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Publisher: Team 17 Digital Limited
Play Now: Download from PS Store

The  Dangerous Golf is another PS4 golf game with a unique gameplay strategy. Other golf games you have to shot the ball to the holes. But in  Dangerous Golf, you not only have to shot the balls but also you have to destroy the given target. You will be rewarded and upgrade your position if you destroy more targets.  This game will offer you exciting levels and more destructive options. Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows are its platforms.  The game released in 2016. 

5. Infinite Minigolf

Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Zen Studios
Play Now: Download from PS Store

The Infinite Minigolf is one of the best PS4 golf game for its Stunning VR. You will have infinitive numbers of levels and exciting gameplay features in this game. There will be different types of courses provided with this game for your experience. The Infinite Minigolf is also very challenging. You not only have to put the ball in the holes but also need to collect the gems. Its graphics and effects are also amazing. Microsoft Windows is its platform. This game released in 2017. 

6. 100ft Robot Golf 

Developer: No Goblin
Publisher: No Goblin
Play Now: Download from PS Store

The 100ft Robot Golf is a different type of golf game. In this game, you have to control robots. The giant size robots are customizable and they are in 11 different designs. As with everything else in the game, the levels are also unique and include the moon and Hawaii as the game’s main golf courses. You can play it in both single or multiplayer modes. Its platforms are Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows. This game released in 2016.

7.  Party Golf 

Developer: Giant Margarita
Publisher: Giant Margarita
Play Now: Download from PS Store

The Party Golf is a unique type of PS4 golf game because of its gameplay. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family. It can be played in different modes such as 4 player mode or 8 player mode. You can enjoy your vacations with your friends or family members sitting in your home playing in play station. Enjoy different levels and exciting rewards. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Ouya are its most common platforms. This game released in 2015. 

8. The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition

Developer: HB Studios
Publisher: HB Studios
Play Now: Download from Amazon

The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition is a modern PS4 golf game. Its graphical organization is very good and also has great sound quality. If you are a golf fan, you must like its accurate physics and realistic visualization gameplay.  Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows are its platforms. 

9. PQube 3D Minigolf

Developer: Zen Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Play Now: Download from PS Store

The PQube 3D Minigolf is one of the common PS4 golf games. It is a unique type of golf game providing different layouts. You can play it in both single-player or multiplayer. Its graphics and animation are organized. This game platform is PS3. PQube 3D Minigolf released in 2010.

if you’re a golf addict, you won’t feel disappointed by these games and, they’re the must-play golf games. Including outstanding graphics, realistic mechanics as well as plenty of combinations in gameplay to choose from, they can keep you coming back over again and again. Wait for the new updates and editions of the games and these updates add much more fun. Golf game and a PS4 will be going to offer you a fantastic gaming platform in the vacations.   

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