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20 Best Gaming Channels you MUST Watch in 2023!

Gaming Channels are one of the most viewed channels on Youtube.  Gamers post their streaming videos, check others, do comments, and react. Gaming channel is the large platform for gamers where they are interacting with each other, learning and sharing their gaming ideas and experiences. As the increasing number of gamers, gaming youtube channels are capturing the attention of gamers with their content. Now, I am going to brief you about the best gaming channels you need to subscribe to. 

1. Fernanfloo

Subscribers: 36.1M+
Videos: 536+

Fernanfloo is the best gaming channel with a large number of subscribers. It launches trailers for games, gameplays, videos, live streams, best games, events, prizes, and much more. Luis Fernando is the YouTuber of this channel and he represents the streaming videos in a funny way. You must enjoy watching his video content. 


Subscribers: 29.8M+
Videos: 5907+

VEGETTA777 is one of the renowned gaming channels. This channel is run by Samuel de Luque, a Spanish Youtuber. If you are willing to watch new videos of gaming every single day, keep following VEGETTA777. The interesting thing regarding VEGETTA777 is that it usually releases a total of two videos a day. You will find a bunch of gameplay videos that keep you awake for hours.

3. Markiplier

Subscribers: 25.7M+
Videos: 4672+

Mark Edward, an American Youtuber runs the gaming channel Markiplier. Markiplier is one of the most popular gaming channels on the internet today, with a huge number of devoted followers. You’ll find funny gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other entertainment pieces here. If you’re keen to see new videos from games every single day, check Markiplier. 

4. VanossGaming

Subscribers: 25M+
Videos: 1168+

VanossGaming is one of the best gaming channels because of its entertaining content. Evan Fong runs the channel, a Canadian Youtuber. You must enjoy the new techniques of gameplay and streaming content. You may not get regular streaming videos, maybe a video in two or three days. Though you will get regular updates from the channel. 

5. Jacksepticeye

Subscribers: 23.9M+
Videos: 4568+

Seán William, an Irish Youtuber runs the gaming channel Jacksepticeye. The channel shares up to 14 clips a week which is more than reasonable to hold you engaged. The videos are fun and outstanding. If this really seems like your platform then you should sign up today.

6. Ninja

Subscribers: 23.2M+
Videos: 1097+

Ninja is another interesting channel maintained by Richard Tyler. He focuses exclusively on Fighting Games and is famous for humorous comments. The channel posts at least one video each day. You can subscribe if you’re in regular gaming videos, live-action videos and comedy sketches

7. DanTDM

Subscribers: 22.9M+
Videos: 3358+

DanTDM is one of the best gaming channels for battle game lovers. A British Youtuber, Daniel Robert Middleton runs the channel. Every single day, he publishes a video so there is a bunch of new content for the followers. You will enjoy the professional gaming videos on this channel. During the streaming, professional gamers interact with each other and share their views. Daniel has won the kid’s choice award because of his amazing creations.               

8. AuthenticGames

Subscribers: 18.8M+
Videos: 3934+

AuthenticGames is another best gaming channel for young gamers. Marco Tulio runs the channel. He generally posts gaming videos for kids. You will get new videos every single day. Do not forget this channel to subscribe.

9. Jelly 

Subscribers: 17.6M+
Videos: 4122+

Jelle Van a child-friendly Youtuber runs the gaming channel Jelly. You must enjoy his commentary because of his hilarious dialogues. He launches regular videos on various games. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel. Otherwise, you may miss neverending fun-filled hours. 

10. TheWillyrex

Subscribers: 17.1M+
Videos: 5816+

Guillermo Díaz runs the gaming channel TheWillyrex. He publishes daily gaming videos, streams. His contents are unique. TheWillyrex is a channel for gamers of all ages. Guillermo was nominated for the award of the best gaming content creator for his outstanding works.  

11. TheDonato

Subscribers: 16.2M+
Videos: 1110+

TheDonato is one of the best gaming channels. This channel is run by  Donato Muñoz. At first, he posted streaming videos on the Geometry Dash series, and then he posted videos on Fortnite and mobile game Clash Royale. Now, he posted several gaming videos, including FreeFire and other shooting games. You will get at least one video every day on this channel. If you are interested, feel free to subscribe. 

12. Mikecrack

Subscribers: 15.3M+
Videos: 1390+

The gaming channel Mikecrack is run by Miguel Bernal Montes. He is one of the most common faces among gamers. The channel posts five or six gaming videos in a week. You must enjoy this channel no matter if you are a professional gamer or not. So, do not forget to subscribe to get exciting gaming info and streaming videos.

13. FGTeeV

Subscribers: 14.5M+
Videos: 1352+

FGTeeV is a totally different type of gaming channel. It is a channel where a family gaming team will show you streaming videos of different games. You will find family members like father, mother, sister, brother, and others interacting in the gaming characters. The excitable group welcomes you to submerge yourself first in their gaming and sketch comedy universe. You will not find any other channels like FGTeev.  

14. SSundee

Subscribers: 13.9M+
Videos: 2404+

SSundee is another funny gaming channel. It releases game previews, gameplays, clips, live broadcasts, best games, competitions, awards and so much more. If you are a Fortnite fan, you can follow SSundee. You will find funny commentaries, pranks, and many other fun forms of videos. If you want to follow their updates, do not forget to subscribe. 

15. PopularMMOs

Subscribers: 16.9M+
Videos: 4601+

PopularMMOs is one of the best gaming channels. This channel published videos of Minecraft Mob Battles and the Arena Battles. A Youtuber named Patrick runs this channel. PopularMMOs is known worldwide for “The Challenge Games” of his Minecraft series, and “Epic Proportions”. You will also find Fortnite and Roblox videos on this channel. 

16. LazarBeam

Subscribers: 13.8M+
Videos: 1175+

LazarBeam is another common gaming channel for battle royale game videos. Lannan Eacott runs this channel. He is famous for creating Fortnite memes. The channel shares up to four clips a week which is more than adequate to keep you engaged. The videos are pretty funny for video game players, and brilliant.

17. League of Legends

Subscribers: 12.3M+
Videos: 1086+

League of Legends is a YouTube channel contributing to the world’s leading video game of the moment. This channel posts any kind of gaming video you would imagine, more or less every day. That will keep you busy for hours and you will enjoy gaming with the pro gamers and interact with them commenting on the streaming videos. That’s why this is one of the best gaming channels now. Do not be late to subscribe to the channel. 

18. IGN

Subscribers: 13.3M+
Videos: 137,447+

IGN is the short name of the Imagine Games Network. This is one of the most followed gaming channels. They published three or four videos every day. It releases game previews, gameplays, videos, live streams, competitions, awards, and game analysis. They will show you the weekly top streaming videos of different games. Do not miss their exciting gaming videos. 

19. Clash of Clans

Subscribers: 15.4M+
Videos: 377+

Clash of Clans is one of the famous and renowned mobile games as well as gaming channels. From this channel, you may get each and every detail of the game Clash of Clans. They published the latest news, events, season reviews, and streaming videos with the funny commentary of pro gamers. You must enjoy their videos. 

20. Ali-A

Subscribers: 16.8M+
Videos: 3419+

Ali-A is one of the leading and best gaming channels so far. Alastair James Aiken runs the channel. He posts a huge number of gaming videos that are followed by pro gamers. He has other gaming channels also such as Clare & Ali and MoreAliA. There you will find the streaming videos of Fortnite, Pokémon GO, Minecraft, Vlogs, and other videos frequently. Aiken also analyzes the weapons and their functions in the game. You must subscribe to channels if you like these games.  

Gaming channels are the source where you can interact with top youtube gamers. If you are engaged in creating games, gaming techniques, or tips, you can subscribe to the channels to take your gaming skills towards the next level. So why are you late for subscribing? 

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