13 Best Football Games for PC [Update 2023]

Football is called the beautiful game on earth. More than 200 countries all over the world play football. Playing football is always enjoyable. Football fans are connected with each other through online gaming. Most of the gamers enjoy soccer gaming on their PC or in gaming consoles. Though all the soccer games are not equally enjoyable. Many sports gaming industries are launching different football games with different gameplay. According to the gamers review and gaming rating, I am here to brief you about the best football games for PC. If you are looking for soccer games, you can check this to find out the preferable game for your PC. 

List of Best Football Games for PC

1. FIFA 

Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA Sports

FIFA is definitely one of the best football games for PC. No football game can replace the demand for this game from the gamer’s minds. Every year the publishers launch the different versions of FIFA and last year EA Sports launched the latest version FIFA2020. In this game, the players and the game plays are built like a real-time player or style. You can choose your favorite team and players. Moreover, you can play different modes such as career mode, online mode, tournaments, etc. If you are a real football fan, you must select this game and play with your friends on your PC. The game was first released in 1993. 

2. PES – Pro Evolution Soccer

Developer: PES Production
Publisher: Konami

PES – Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the renowned and best football games for PC. Though this game is famous among the android gamers, it has a huge fan base among PC gamers also. In this game, you can select your favorite players, make your own dream team with outstanding managing skills. Moreover, you will be introduced with some features such as edge turn, control pass, dipping shot, and other features in this game. PES – Pro Evolution Soccer will provide you the opportunity to make players with different abilities. The latest version of this game was released in 2019. 

3. Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix
Publisher: Psyonix

Rocket League is another renowned soccer game for PC. This game is described as Soccer with Rocket powered Cars. Within a short time, the publishers were able to build up a huge community of this game by adding the latest features. In this game, 8 players are assigned to 2 teams. The teams can hit the ball to the opponents goal using the powered vehicles. You must organize your team and you can choose your car from online resources. The game was released in 2015.

4. Football Manager 2016

Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega

Football Manager 2016 is one of the best football management simulation video games. In this game, you can sign contracts with the players and manage them like a manager of a football club. Football Manager 2016 is a simulation of real-world football management procedures. The players are being judged on the basis of their performances. The board members of the clubs are evaluating the factors. So, you have to show your management skill but without being a football player. Football Manager 2016 was released in 2015.

5. Championship Manager

Developer: Square Enix Europe
Publisher: Square Enix Europe

Championship Manager is one of the best football games for PC. This is also a football management simulation video game. Like other games, you have to sign players for your team and you have to manage the internal as well as external affairs of your team. In different versions of the Championship Manager game, the developers included many updates by including leagues of different regions and tournaments. You must enjoy the simulation video game. The latest version of Championship Manager was released in 2016. 

6. Club Manager 2016

Developer: Bigblaze Games
Publisher: 2tainment GmbH

Among the football management video games, the Club Manager 2016 is one of the best football games for PC. You have features for your players and team in the Comprehensive contract, training, and squad system. There is a board season requirement and you need to complete the requirements within the given period. You can create tournaments and invite other major clubs to play. In Club Manager 2016 your role as a manager need to be significant and your passion with sincerity needed to be shown. Choose the strategy which you wanted to enforce and purchase and sell players following certain conditions. The game was released in 2015. 

7. Super Arcade Football

Developer: OutofTheBit Limited
Publisher: OutofTheBit Limited

 Super Arcade Football is one of the best football games for PC because of its quick action, modern take. These magnificent features add excitement to classic soccer. You can play the game with your local friends up to 4 players or with online friends. You must feel its intense scorelines, dynamic gameplay, and crazy fun. Super Arcade Football will provide you actual arcade gaming experience. The game was released in 2016. 

8. New Star Manager

Developer: New Star Games
Publisher: Five Aces Publishing Limited

New Star Manager is one of the oldest but challenging soccer games. The game is not about winning the matches and tournaments. You need to take different types of challenges like freekick challenge, penalty shootout, or goalkeeping challenge. In later visions of this game, more harder and challenging gameplay was added. 

9. Pixel Cup Soccer 17

Developer: Batovi Games Studio
Publisher: Batovi Games Studio

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 is one of the dynamic arcade football games. Its gameplay is interesting which includes fun and engaging mechanics. Its design and features will remind you of the flavor of the glory days of the ’80s and 90’s arcade games. For winning the matches, you need to be perfect in throwing the ball, take good angle corner kicks, fantastic passing, and accurate shot to the goal. If you want to play the game, you can play with your friends or with Computers in tournaments or private matches, etc. The game was released in 2016. 

10. FIFA: Road To World Cup 98

Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports

Fifa: Road To World Cup 98 is one of the oldest and best football games for PC. This game includes team customization options for selecting players and squad.  Also, the penalization of offside is also introduced in this version. The only way of winning the matches is to take accurate passes, good angle corner kicks, and perfect team play. Fifa: Road To World Cup 98 was published in 1997. 

11. Ultimate Beach Soccer

Developer: PAM development
Publisher: Wanadoo Edition

Ultimate Beach Soccer is one of the common soccer games. This game is popular among the pro soccer gamers though it is overlooked also. For making it update, the developers are upgrading its gameplay and features. You may have easy customizable controls and support for a gamepad. Ultimate Beach Soccer has included different features to make your gaming more exciting. You must enjoy its tournament and exhibition mode and for training, you have practice mode. The game was released in 2003. 

12. FootLOL: Epic Fail League

Developer: Lion’s Shade
Publisher: HeroCraft PC

FootLOL: Epic Fail League is a different type of soccer game. In this game, you have to take your team through a few training matches. After winning the matches new planets will be released. In new planets, you will find new gadgets with improved player skill. You can use mines, shields, aliens, cows, weapons to destroy your opponent’s team, and protect your players. FootLOL: Epic Fail League games can be played with your friends and AI opponents. Moreover, you need to complete 60 levels. These levels have exciting gameplay which may make you addicted. The game was released in 2013. 

13. New Star Soccer

Developer: New Star Games
Publisher: New Star Games

New Star Soccer is a series of football video games commonly known to football fans. Though it has a rich community of mobile gamers, it is also exciting to play in PC also. In this game, you need to make a team with different players. Your role is to make a decision on how the player acts, like whether to pass, tackle, or shoot. The publisher added many features in the later versions of New Star Soccer. The game was released in 2003. 

So, what are you deciding now? You have already known about the best football games for your PC. Do not forget to check the hardware requirements with preferable football games. Also, the game ratings and gamer’s reviews are also necessary to check before playing the games. Enjoy the exciting football gaming experience on your PC.

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