A 4k projector is a wonderful accessory for gaming. Almost every professional gamers use a gaming projector for a better gaming experience. As there is a huge demand for gaming projectors, manufacturers are coming with new ideas to make it more colorful and efficient with advanced features and specifications. For helping you to find out the best 4k projector for gaming, I am going to brief you about it. If you are looking for the best projector with proper requirements according to your price, you can check this for a better understanding. 

Before buying a gaming projector you need to follow guidelines. A proper guideline will help you to find out the best 4k projector for gaming. The guidelines you need to follow: 

  1. The 4k projector must have a good contrast ratio and brightness level.
  2. There should be a good combination of colors and pixels.
  3. Screen Size, Longer lamp life, and good connectivity are required.
  4. You need to check the other materials after getting the projector in your hands.
  5. Follow user manuals and customer ratings and reviews.

List of Best 4k Projectors for Gaming

1.  ViewSonic PX706HD Home Theater Projector

Resolution: 1080p
Brightness: 3,000 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 22, 000: 1
Lamp Life: 15, 000 hours
Connectivity: HDMI, USB Type-C
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

ViewSonic PX706HD is the best 4k projector for gaming among professional gamers. It has exclusive color technology, full HD 1920x1080p resolution, 3,000 lumens of brightness, 22, 000: 1 contrast ratio, and ultra-low input latency. These features will provide you ultra-sharp, vivid images, wide color gamut for beautiful image production, faster frame-by-frame action, and smooth gameplay without delay. The ViewSonic PX706HD projector also has 240W lamp watt, reduced input latency, and delivers a full 20Hz – 20Khz sound range with ViewSonic’s proprietary SonicExpert technology. Its vertical keystone correction helps remove crooked and distorted pictures for a perfectly toned image. The projector is widely compatible and HDMI, USB Type-C input options are available. 

2.  LG HU80KA 4k Projector

Resolution: Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Brightness: 2500 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 150000:1
Lamp Life: 20,000 hours
Connectivity: HDR10
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

LG HU80KA 4K Projector is the best 4k projector for gaming among the medium budget gaming projectors. It has Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, 150″ Screen size, 150-inch Projection image, 2500 lumens brightness, and magic remote features. Moreover, this projector is HDR10 compatible. Because of its ultra-resolution and high-quality brightness you can enjoy movies and more, bigger and bolder, in any room, day or night. LG HU80KA 4K Projector has TruMotion Technology that ensures the projector’s refresh rate to reduce motion blur and display a smoother image with improved detail. If you are a Netflix fan, you can watch premium content and wirelessly screen-share videos using a simple Wi-Fi connection.

3. Epson Home Cinema 4010 Projector

Resolution: 4k Pro UHD
Brightness: 2,400 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 200,000:1
Lamp Life: 3,500 hours
Connectivity: 1.4 HDMI
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Epson Home Cinema 4010 Projector is one of the best 4k gaming projectors. It has some unique features such as Advanced 3LCD technology displays, excellent brightness, Advanced pixel-shifting technology, 250 W UHE lamp life, Moreover, the projector will allow you to maintain outstanding color gamut,  truly professional level of color accuracy, outstanding image clarity, and edge to edge focus uniformity.  The other features of the Epson Home Cinema 4010 Projector are 200,000:1 contrast ratio, 100% of DCI-P3 Color space, Epson Precision lens technology, 3,500 hours lamp life, 2,400 lumens brightness which makes it more acceptable to you.

4. ViewSonic PX747 Home Theater Projector

Resolution: UHD (3840x2160p)
Brightness: 3500 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 12000:1
Lamp Life: 15,000 hours
Connectivity: HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

ViewSonic PX747 is one of the best 4k home theatre projectors. It has Stunning 4K Ultra HD Resolution with 8.3 million pixels, XPR technology, ability to decode HDR video, amazing image reproduction, 15,000 hours of long lamp life. Its 10W Speaker will ensure you an immersive multimedia experience and combine with the incredible image performance.  The ViewSonic PX747 projector has a wider 1.2x optical zoom which provides more mounting flexibility. You need not worry about this projector because you will be feeling like sitting in a home theatre. 

5. Optoma GT1080Darbee Short Throw Projector

Resolution:  Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Brightness: 3000 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 28, 000: 1 contrast ratio
Lamp Life: 8000-hour lamp life
Connectivity: 1.4 HDMI
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Optoma GT1080 the best 4k projector for gaming because of its advanced Darbee Technology for a sharper image and incredible picture quality. Its DarbeeVision image-enhancement technology enables greater detail and reflective surfaces while gaming. The projector has 3, 000 lumens of brightness, 28, 000: 1 contrast ratio, and Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution. Moreover, Optoma GT1080 has 144Hz rapid refresh rate, 16ms fast response, 215W Max ECO mode, and auto-switching. You will get ultra-smooth flicker-free images, flexible connectivity and sRGB display profile dazzles with REC.709b color accuracy. This is one of the best latest generation gaming consoles. 

6. Optoma UHD50X Projector

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Brightness: 3400 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 500,000:1
Lamp Life: 15,000 hours
Connectivity: HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4a, VGA-in, audio-in, USB 2.0 
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

Optoma UHD50X is the best 4k projector for gaming because of its advanced gaming mode. It includes HDR10 & HLG, 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million pixels, the fastest refresh rate of 240Hz, 16ms response time. The projector has amazing picture quality because of its UltraDetail technology, 1.3x zoom, 3400 lumens of brightness, RGBW RGBW 8 segment color wheel. These features will offer you a crystal clear picture and high-quality home cinema feel with your friends and family. 

7. ZCGIOBN Bluetooth Projector

Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
Brightness: 5500 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours LED lamp
Connectivity: HDMI/VGA/AV/USB
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

If you are looking for Full HD with Smart Android Wireless Home Outdoor Business Projector, the ZCGIOBN Bluetooth Projector is the best among all. It includes Full HD widescreen display, 16.7 Million display colors, 5500 lumens of brightness, and 10000:1 Contrast ratio. Which ensures vivid image and perfect scenarios while gaming. The projector is easy to install and HDMI, USB, Headphone Jack, AV, VGA input connections. Its Advanced Video-Audio Sync Technology will ensure high performance and 2.4G/5G  ultra-fast wireless connection. If you like this, do not wait to get the best viewing experience. 

8. BenQ TK800M Home Theater Projector

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p
Brightness: 3000 Lumens
Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
Lamp Life: 4,000 hours 
Connectivity: HDMI, VGA, USB, Mini USB
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

The BenQ TK800 is one of the commonly used 4k projectors. It includes 4K UHD resolution and amazing image quality. For getting vivid color and visual brightness there are 3 million pixels, 5500 lumens of brightness and, 10000:1 Contrast ratio with 16.7 Million display colors present in the projector.  The projector has optimized HDR color quality with dual integrated stereo speakers. It’s advanced cinema master audio and sports mode allow you to feel the game perfectly. Long durable lamp life is another important feature of the BenQ TK800M Home Theater Projector.  

9. XGIMI Z6 Polar Portable Projector

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Brightness: 700ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
Connectivity: HDMI, USB
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

XGIMI Z6 Polar is the best portable gaming projector. This projector includes 1920x1080p resolution, 700ANSI lumens, High definition 2.25x clearer image, and  5000:1 contrast ratio. For a better experience, you will have vibrant, accurate, and theater-quality cinematic sound. Z6 Polar projector supports HDR10 technology which ensures a wider color range and eliminates the low-contrast problems. Its  Four Channels Optical Path Design enables incredible image color and viewing experience. You will not regret its autofocus and broad connectivity features.

10. JVC DLA-NX9 Home Theater Projector

Resolution: 8K-equivalent resolution (8192 x 4230) 
Brightness: 2,200 lumens
Contrast Ratio: 1, 000, 000: 1
Lamp Life: 3,500 hours
Connectivity: HDMI/HDCP
Price: Check discounted price on Amazon

JVC DLA-NX9 is one of the best 4k home theatre projectors. It has 8192 x 4320 resolution, shift technology, 2,200 lumens of brightness, and 1, 000, 000: 1 contrast ratio. These will ensure incredible image quality and amazing home theatre experience.  JVC DLA-NX9 projector has common input connections including HDMI or HDPC. It has an 18Gbps transmission speed. You will not worry about high-definition and high-quality video experience.  

Now, you already got an idea about the best 4k projectors for gaming. Check your requirements and consumer reviews for a better understanding. If you are able to find out the best projector according to your budget, do not be late to press the icon “Add to cart”.   

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